Friday, February 27, 2009

Painting and Needle Felting! :)

Here's a preview of some of the wood products that I am currently working on to put up for sale in my shop (link in upper right corner):

This mess of stuff includes future plant stakes, bookmarks, magnets, ornaments, dollhouse decorations, and a gift box. Coming soon!

And here's some paper mache/decoupage projects that I just finished up and have for sale in my shop (with the exception of the photo frame on the bottom in the middle -- after looking at the photo, I realized the trim wasn't aligned right.... which sucks...):

For some reason, I love to paint on wood and paper mache and ceramic and resin. I love painting objects . I just can't paint pictures; my hands are too shaky! :(

And here's an update on some of the needle felting projects I posted a couple of weeks back (and also an unfinished knitted and needle felted clutch purse):

There are now two ducks, both with faces, and the bear has a face now as well... although I am not happy with it. The eyes just seem too vacuous to me... and therefore, scary. The pic also shows all of the needle felted flowers I made and have for sale in my shop. I also have been obsessed with knitting lately, and in the upper-right you can see an almost-finished purse that I came up with on a whim. It just needs another tie, and perhaps a strap. The yarn I used is "SWS" yarn -- I LOVE it! It is 70% wool and 30% soy, and it is SOOO soft and the colors are so gorgeous!!! The needle felted flowers aren't attached, I just put them there to see what they looked like.

So what do you all think? See anything you like? See anything you DON'T like (be honest!)? See anything that you'd like to see more of??


  1. wow everything looks good, you've obviously been a busy bee!

  2. The little duckies are adorable! How can you not love them? But I know, when creating, we sometimes want things to turn out more perfect, and we sometimes wee only the flaws. Fight that feeling!