Friday, February 27, 2009

Okay so I am lazy when it comes to updating this blog! Oh well. I feel motivated now, so I'll post a couple things!

Firstly (is that a word?), I have some new springtime needle felted creations available in my Etsy shop (link is in the upper right)! The yellow "chick" (now a duck... couldn't get the beak pointy enough) now has eyes and also a little meadow with flowers and actually already sold! But I do have another one up for sale.

"Bobblehead Bunny" is my newest creation and is also for sale:

And I also made some 3D flowers using applique molds! Here is the large rose (my favorite):

One thing I'm finding about needle felting is that it's nearly impossible to make an exact replica of something you've made before (unless you're using a mold). This can be both frustrating and exciting. I've heard this before: that each critter or piece you make will end up having it's own "personality". For example, I'm not as happy with Bobblehead Bunny 2 as I am with the bunny head that is shown in my avatar. Also, the tinier the piece you are creating, the harder it is to add detail, and therefore the harder it is to reproduce it. Oh well! There are bigger things in life to worry about!