Saturday, February 14, 2009

Needle Felting, The Beginning...

So I have been teaching myself how to needle felt the last 2-3 weeks with the aid of a book, videos on youtube, and trial and error. The photo below shows all of the items I have made or am working on so far; the very first item I made is the little pink & green strawberry, and the last thing I've been working on is the little lamb:

The next photo shows all of the items I am still working on, which I will show "finished" photos for when they are done, for better or for worse:

The blue duck-like figure was originally supposed to be more of a songbird, and the yellow duck-like figure was supposed to be a chick. I find it funny that they are both turning out to look like ducks, b/c ducks have always been one of my favorite creatures. :)

And I am having trouble keeping the sheep's head from looking like a dog's head. But oh well, I guess practice makes perfect, or something...

The teddy bear needs a face, and that is making me nervous. I don't know why doing stuff like this makes me nervous... if I screw it up, it's easy enough to fix... and the butterfly needs some color, but I'm afraid if I screw that up that it won't be as easy to fix...

I'm going to add some embellishments like sequins and beads to some of the stars, hearts, and flowers. That's making me nervous too. Am I crazy? I think so.


  1. oh i think they are all looking great! i'm teaching myself too! but like you said, i find they are easy fixes if something doesnt quite turn out right!

  2. Are you getting nervous, really? Are you sure is is nervous? I find I get an anxious tension, which I believe is a sort of creative excitement. Wow... I want the project to turn out... It's tense and a cool feeling... It could be confused with nervousness, but I find a real creative tension that I'm beginning to look forward to.

    Looking forward to your next blog entry.

  3. missknits: I didn't know you were doing needle felting too! How awesome! I want to see some pics of your work!!!

    jselep: I guess I get nervous that after all the work I put into a piece that I'm going to screw it up at the last minute... but it's silly, really, b/c it's not all that hard to fix if I mess it up! :D