Monday, July 20, 2009

In Memory of Uleen Toovey, a.k.a. Chromasmear...

The beautiful Chromasmear

Uleen Toovey, a.k.a. Chromasmear, occupied a dear place in my heart. I have to admit when I first saw her in the chat rooms I was a bit intimidated by her -- she was so beautiful, and knew everyone, and seemed so self-assured. Not much time went by though until I realized that she was one of the most down-to-earth and kindest souls I had ever met. She was incredibly warm and welcoming not only to the newcomers, but also to the Etsy chat regulars. She never came into the chat room and failed to say hello to me.

I have so many memories of times with her in chat: playing chat games (she was always one of the people to organize them in order to bring all of us together while also having fun) discussing our line of work (she worked with the disabled like I do), planning on how to help animals in need, and lots of little silly things like where to get pretty hair ties (FlyingButtons was her favorite) or great-smelling teas (BlueRavenTea was her favorite). She also recently voted on my "Help Me Name My New Baby Cockatiel" poll; she voted for "Beetle Bug", which was my personal favorite too. Yesterday, in honor of her, I decided to definitely name him/her "Beetle Bug" in her memory. I will also always keep my bunny avatar up, because the one time I changed it she got so upset that she couldn't easily find me!! I ended up changing it back just for her.

Her mother wants us to donate to our local animal shelters in Uleen's memory. Please help keep her spirit alive by doing so; I know it would mean so much to her. Also, if you would like to contribute your memories of her to an article we're sending in to the Storque, please send them to danilykenoah @ -- please send them in TODAY, tomorrow at the latest.

Also, please check out this treasury in remembrance of Chroma and her fierce dedication to helping animals:

I love you and miss you terribly, Chroma.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poll: What should I name my new baby cockatiel?

Hey all!

I'd like to invite those of you who haven't voted already to cast your vote for what you think I should name my new baby cockatiel! The poll can be found in the upper right corner of this page.

Thanks!!! :D

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Birdie!!!

Hey all --

Just wanted to let you get a glimpse at the newest addition to my home: a little 6-week-old baby cockatiel (name still unknown)!!!

Here are some pics (including my cat Ling Ling checking out his new baby brother/sister):