Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mah First Blog... well, not really

But this is my first blog on here, and I intend on taking this blog a bit more seriously than the other one I have. My mission here is to document my progress (or lack thereof) through the world of handmade arts & crafts. I am in the process of making items that I have made for a long time for my etsy shop -- -- , but I am also in the more interesting process of learning some new crafts (needle felting) and re-learning some old ones (knitting). I wanted someplace to post notes and photos as to my progress so that I can [hopefully] see that with time and practice that I am improving.

I am also an avid birdwatcher, gardener, and lover of all things nature, so I also wanted someplace in which I could share with the world (or just the one or two of you who will be following this) what it is that fills me with joy and what inspires me. :)


  1. Perhaps we are kindred spirits. Nature and the results of gardening inspire me with a joy. I love your quote about smelling the roses. You can't take to much time. That's why God put so many flowers on this planet, all of them with smells.... Your reasons for blogging are similiar to mine. Writing a goal, and documenting it, focuses you on the goal. Stay with it!

  2. thank you jselep, you stay with it too! It's funny, but I actually forgot that I wrote that about the goals (figures)... thanks for reminding me!! :)