Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kitteh Loves the Yarns

Just wanted to share a few pics showing how one of my cats shares the same love of yarn that I do! He makes little yarn "nests" and will then sleep in them for upwards of five hours at a time!


  1. Awww, how cute. My cats would spend their time unravelling the yarn and then would collapse from exhaustion in a tangled mess of yarn and fluff. :D

  2. Hey Notsoshabbychic! It's Kat from SassmowthDesigns! Just found your blog... love your stuff! I have yet to try felting and am a bit hesitant to do so lol. Although i love the look of it! Again, great stuff! See you around on the chats! If you like, check out my blog, i have a contest for a free photo of your choice, so if ya like one, be sure to enter :)

  3. Ha I just saw your comments, sorry! Thank you for the compliments!!! And Kathryn, you should TOTALLY give felting a try, it is so much fun! :)