Saturday, May 9, 2009

Inspiration at the Beach

One of my all-time favorite places to go and rejuvenate my soul is at the beach by my house. As soon as I pull my car into the park I feel the old familiar feeling of relaxation and a melting away of cares. As soon as I step out of the car and head toward the beach I feel the joy of being able to breathe in fresh air and feeling a nice breeze on my skin. And as soon as I step into the sand I feel any remaining cares slip away as I become entranced in a state of utter relaxation and bliss.

Ring-Billed Gull

While I am at the beach I not only slip into a meditative state, but I also am collecting shells, rocks, driftwood, and other tidbits; I am birdwatching; I am getting exercise; and I am becoming filled with ideas and motivation of positive things that I want to do once I leave the beach. I try to make going here a regular practice, but sometimes (like in the winter) I don't keep up with it, and I suffer in very obvious ways.

Great Black-backed Gull

Each and every one of us needs a place like this to retreat to. If you don't have a place like this you should make it an active goal to find a place where you can go and sink into a state of utter relaxation. Sometimes you don't even need to leave the house -- the bathtub or the garden are other places where I can achieve this state as well (although they're not quite as good as the beach). Without a place like this, we can become easily irritated, worn out, depressed, and stagnant with our creativity. Life's too short to let that happen.

Herring Gull coming in for a landing

Ring-billed Gull, Two Herring Gulls eating a crab, and a Great Black-backed Gull yelling in the distance

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  1. How cool to have the seashore nearby. One of the great things about spring is that you actually want to venture outside and get all of the benfits you just mentioned.