Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Okay, so most of the people I meet in Etsy's chat rooms are awesome. HOWEVER, there are a few who have been driving me NUTS.

It is SO RUDE to assume that just because someone compliments you on your work that they want to buy it and to then harrass them about it every time you see them thereafter!!!! And then you act all surprised and/or RUDE when I finally politely tell you to leave me alone and you act like you don't know what I'm talking about!!!!

Asking me "do you have the money yet" for something that I NEVER said I would buy, or "are you ready to buy ______ yet" when AGAIN I never said I would buy from you is really asking for me to come back at you full-throttle. Don't do it.


  1. WOW! I can't believe someone actually said that to you!!

    I also avoid the chat rooms for many reasons now - this being one of the top!

    People are just to pushy - and VERY snarky at times in there.

    Glad you finally told them to bugger off - I usually just run the other way lol.

  2. I usually run the other way too, but these two unnamed peeps finally pushed me too far... I realized it wasn't going to stop unless I made it very clear that they needed to back off. Really unfortunate. :(

  3. wow, i am shocked that they would ask you those questions! how rude!! i like the chats but go only into the chat/trade, no FS.
    alright, going to sleep now. see you on twitter or in chat soon.

  4. Well Notsoshabbychic - I've not yet had that chatroom experience. But I know you are on more often then me. I hope you can let it roll off you.

  5. I don't go in the FS rooms either -- this is in the REGULAR rooms, believe it or not!!!

  6. I know nothing about these chat rooms you speak of, but that would be so annoying!

    Oh by the way, not to be pushy, but this post reminded me, I still have that pendant on reserve for you that you said you liked a month ago. Are you gonna buy it or what? Because if not, I would like to take it off reserve.

  7. LOL @ Art You Dream About!!!!!!!!