Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Lambie #2

O.K. so here he is: the other lamb vision I came up with:

...and I don't think I like it. I think he's cute, but he didn't come out exactly like I was hoping he would. At least this one has legs, a tail, and isn't balding though, lol. But his legs are too short... note to self for next time.

And as for the face and ears, well, I don't know. Which one do you prefer? Lambie 2, or Lambie 1 (posted below)?:

Please let me know which one you prefer, and why, if you don't mind!!! I really appreciate your input!!! :) Thanks!


  1. I love the longer ears - he looks cute and forlorn!

  2. He is fine. Small details corrected and you are there.

    I think his head should be more triangular, broader on the top and smaler around the nose.
    If you join the head to the body so the nose points down, its more like a sheep instead of "out".

    Best hope for you.

  3. Thank you for your comments!!! :D Very helpful!!!