Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Fashioning Felt" Exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

So I went to the felt exhibit on Sunday, and it was pretty cool. Don't know that I would bother traveling very far to see it, though... there's not all that much there. I also was not allowed to take pictures (I snuck in a couple anyway, though, until I realized I was on camera and they could see me with my camera...):

felted costume jewelry

entrance to the "yurt"

Anyway, you can see the pictures of everything there online:

Or buy the book with all of the photos and TONS more info than is offered online OR at the exhibit here:

AND, they mentioned nothing about needle felting!!! :(

Oh well... you win some, you lose some. Luckily, we also had a visit to the Met planned, where -- interestingly enough, you ARE allowed to take pictures:

And then on a walk through Central Park on our way to get dinner, we saw at least 12 American Robins, a surefire sign of spring!!! :D

All in all, a very nice day!!! :)

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  1. I would be so happy taking pictures in the met. I was at the Art Insitute in Chicago in Feb and took some pictures... I have a blog entry planned for that some day. Maybe I'll blog it before June now that I mentioned it to you. Sounds like you had a great day overall.