Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Memorial to my Precious Hammy :)

Me and Hammy :)
Hammy was a very special hamster who I adopted in February of 2010 and who was with me until he passed away with an untimely death in April of 2011. He was one of my most favorite pets. This is a memorial to him.


Why I loved Hammy so:

- the very first moment I saw him I fell in love: they took his little house away and went to pick him up and he flipped over on his back, feet in the air, and squinting
- he was so apathetic about everything: he wouldn't ever care what you did for the most part, he had no safety awareness whatsoever (wasn't afraid of the cats, or of potentially falling from great heights) -- he just "didn't care"
- his squinty eyes, esp. when eating
- his nose sticking out of his Ham Hut
- his crunching sounds while eating
- how he would rest in his favorite spot
- how he would push me away with his little hands when I went to kiss him
- how fastidious he was with his bathing, even up 'til the last few hours of his life
- how cute he looked when he washed his little nose and ears
- how he looked like a little mouse
- how he would slide down his slide
- how he would dig through his seeds and make a big mess
- how he was moody (at times) if I cleaned his cage or moved something (like when we moved the wheel and he threw a tantrum and buried himself under the shavings)
- the way he would jump if you breathed on him
- the way he would "type" on the keyboard
- how he was so sweet, he never bit me even though I handled him all the time and he hated it
- how he was so soft
- his unusual coloring, such a handsome Ham
- his "extraordinary testicles!!!" (according to one vet)
- the way he would pack out his little house
- how he would ride in his "ride" (toy hamster car) when we went in the car
- how he started off running only one-way in his wheel, and then when we tried to get him to run the other way he at first resisted it, then finally would only run THAT way
- how he "ran stupidly" in the wheel with his head peering out the side
- how he would continue to run in his wheel no matter what was going on
- he was an internet- and real-life-sensation -- everyone loved the Ham
- how he would climb into things like the paper towel roll and my balls of crochet cotton
- how he would "sniff holes" in his new cage
- they way his little whiskers moved
- the way he would shake while sitting at his food dish
- all of his many nicknames: Hambot, Little Ham, Baby Ham, Hamolot
- the way he would freeze in his Habitrail's tubes when I tapped on them
- the little sounds he would make: sneezes, hiccups, "reeeeeees"
- how he would yell at me if I was too loud
- how he would burrow in his travel cage and you could see the bottom of little feet and body through the bottom of it
- the things he would scarf down
- the way he would stuff his jowls with seeds and nuts -- he would pack them out and look like a copperhead
- the songs we made up about him ("everyone's wild about Hammy, but Ham's indifferent to yooooou...")
- how he could (and did) go everywhere with me: upstate, hiking, to the beach, to my knitting groups, shopping, to my bf's every weekend
- how he was such a trooper: he got sick many times but always was a tough little Ham, even outliving his one-month prognosis by yet another full month


I miss you so much Hammy. I love you and always will. You touched my heart from the very first moment I saw you. I am just glad that you are not suffering anymore. I wish I had had so much more time with you though. There will always be a huge part of my heart devoted to you. xoxoxo

Me and Hammy again

Hammy at Bard College

Hammy at Bard College

Hammy at Bard College


  1. This is so sweet. Such a great memorial. Hammy we will never forget you or how special you were to your momma.

  2. His little pink nose is so sweet! Although I never got to know Hammy (although I doubt that he would care!), I am sure that he was a lovely thing who brought you much joy. Rest in peace Hammy!

  3. I love the part about him running stupidly in his wheel, and the toy car for him :) So cute.
    Hammy will be missed by all who knew him in real life or online. xxxxx

  4. Aww... these pictures are so great.
    "extraordinary testicles"?!?! LOL
    I love your little song about Hammy, everyone's wild about Hammy and Hammy's indifferent to everyone. Very cute.

    You were very lucky to have each other and you really made a ton of great memories in the short time you had together.

    Hammy you will be missed.

  5. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments, they really made me smile :)

  6. Aw:) You've opened my eyes to how wonderful a pet a hamster can be. He sounds like he was a great companion!

  7. He really was Sarah, I loved him so much. They really do each have their own little personality. :)

  8. To hell with all the ppl who say they are JUST a pet......they are members of our family, sometimes the only ones who can make us smile or get us out of a low mood.....and they never argue! Such a nice tribute!!!

  9. Thank you Cathy!! I loved my Little Hammy so. He never failed to put a smile on my face :)

  10. Awww, Hammy's adorable! I'm so sorry he's no longer with you, but it looks like you created lots of beautiful memories with him :) Little furry friends are the best, I just blogged about my guinea pigs too!

  11. Aww thank you so much! I love my little rodent pals! :D